Saturday, September 7, 2013

Something out of Tangled {Lantern Launch}

We do not have any Labor Day traditions aside from trying to do something "memorable" before the kids start a new school year.  This year we stumbled upon what may become a Labor Day tradition.  A town about 45 minutes away does an annual kite festival which includes evening activities ... fireworks ... and, a lantern launch.  Lanterns have become a part of celebrations for us ... celebrating Owen's birthdays ... milestones in praying Nora home ... aside from the boys' initial panic attack that the lantern is going to hit a tree and burn something up, we all find the releasing of the lanterns quite magical.

And ... confession time ~ I adore the scene in Tangled when Flynn Rider (aka Eugene) and Rapunzel are out on the water surrounded by lanterns ... it's animation, I get it, but I've oftened wondered what that must be like.  At the festival nearly 400 lanterns were launched ... nearly 400 ... my photos do not do it justice ... and my camera was getting all quirky on me ... but you get the idea.  So. cool. 

Not only was the camera doing quirky things ... so were the kids!

There once was a time that this girl was afraid of the sand ...

Apparently this girl doesn't need a trampoline!
Yes, we may have found a new Labor Day Weekend tradition ...


Nikki said...

Love, love, love. So glad you guys could do this!

Amy said...

Looks like fun! You'll have to let me know where that is. Of course our labor day is filled with the fair.

Saw wedding pictures from our friends down the road and their daughter had lanterns released at her reception. So pretty.