Monday, October 7, 2013

embrace the camera {smiles}

Ashley continues to inspire.  I love how she captures herself in many photos with her children.  Because of this and because of a sweet friend who reminded me earlier this year that others see our beauty over our critical view of ourselves, I have been trying to capture more photos of me with the kiddos.  This week Ashley is doing an Embrace the Camera challenge.  Ashley was inspired to start getting in photos with her children when she came across the story of Aleida Franklin

In August 2008, Aleida writes "There is a reason why I'm posting these pictures. Pictures that I'm actually in. Not because I think I'm all that and a trip to Hollywood. No. It's because I'm actually tired of being worried about how I look and not taking or having very many photos of me with my children. I have very few pictures of me and my babies when they were babies, and I have myself to blame. Precious opportunities to capture on paper, lost because of my silliness. Well no more I say! One day I won't be here and there will be hardly any pictures of them and their mama. So ladies, hand over the camera and get in those photos! Please. You'll be happier you did."

One short month later, Aleida's life was cut short in a tragic accident.  As Ashley says, Aleida's story is one of power and heartbreak.  Aleida's life has challenged moms across the globe to get in front of their camera and not just behind it.

A few weeks ago, when picking up Lydia from school I did the hold out my arm trick and snapped this.   
Speaking of Lydia, thank you for your prayers and sweet words, Lydia's recovery is going slow, slow, slow!  She is stubborn ... I certainly cannot figure out where she gets that from ... poor little thing has just been so uncomfortable and not sleeping well.  But, the extra cuddle time has been sweet.

And, one of the boys snapped this photo of us girls, with my phone.  And, yes, Lydia is wearing the same shirt as she is in the above photo.  When she likes something she wears it A LOT, it is hard to debate her wearing this one as it is a Show Hope tee from one of Nora's fundraisers!
Friends, I encourage you all to get in front of the camera, you will be glad you did!  And, apparently I need to be more intentional about doing this with the boys too!


Leggio said...

Poor Lydia!!!! Prayers her way. Hope she feels better soon. Lol I have been taking selfless with my iPhone with me and my kids too.

Nikki said...

Sweet Lydia, I've been praying that you feel better real soon! xo

I love that you're getting out from behind the camera, friend. Your heart radiates through your smile, and your family will always treasure these pics that so clearly show that.

And Lydia...that shirt is one of my favorites, too!