Sunday, March 3, 2013

Funny Faces with Lydia

It seems that I cannot get a good photo of Lydia with her natural smile.  Rather, most of the recent photos include her making some sort of a funny face.  The comments I got on the photo of Lydia in front of my parents tree on this Sisters post made me smile.  Lydia was so full of enthusiasm on Christmas Eve, it is easy to say she was the life of the party at my parents house.  I, of course, wasn't able to get a natural photo of her.  Instead I got the photo in the Sisters post and these (the kids were absolutely loving fleece pullovers they got from my Aunt and Uncle who live out of state, her and Samuel needed to model them).

And, yes, that is Nora at Lydia's feet.  She had tipped over during all of the excitement of modeling the fleeces.  You can see that she resorted to finding her thumb and hanging out patiently waiting to be rescued and likely hoping that she didn't get stepped on (for the record, she didn't).

Not only does Lydia put on funny faces, she often is "striking a pose."  
And, just when I think I am getting close to getting a cute little posed photo, this happens.
And, this makes me laugh because this is when she was supposed to be making a funny face!
Lydia also has a game she likes to play where she will demand, "Mama, do this" while she makes a face that I need to imitate.  I (usually) happily oblige to entertain her.
Oh, little blue-eyed, snow-eating girl smiling with your eyes, we love you!  You make us laugh with your silly faces and crazy antics!


Amy said...

Oh, I just love it! Her personality shines through. So fun!

Bethany said...

Love these photos! Lydia is so cute :)