Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Redeemer Lives

Celebrating Easter ... because of His gift to us we have power over sin, we have hope and we can have life eternal.  All things we could never attain on our own ... and, love these babies he has given us ... praying that they find their truths in Him alone and follow after Him with all their hearts.
Happy Resurrection Sunday! 

Silly Faces with the LilyKids
(Aside from Nora who is looking rather sweet)

Oh, there's her silly face!

Amazing - no silly face!!!


Leggio said...

Sweet kiddos. Hope you had a blessed Easter.

Dana said...

How on earth did you get all 4 to smile and look at the camera?!?! Ridiculous. I can't do it. I have totally given up. Well done!

Melanie said...

So, Nora is learning silly faces quite well, from Lydia, I see. This one is a silly face to remember! Too funny.