Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shootin' Hoops

Jack is my sports guy ~ he loves to play and watch! Today were Jack's last games of the season.  Jack and his friends / classmates are good athletes, BUT basketball is not their strongest sport so we are all kind of relieved to see the season come to end.  And, this week baseball starts up!  Jack and his friends are quite excited about this as this IS one of their favorites (and something that many of them excel at).

Because today's games were the last of the season, we bribed the other kids with candy everyone was excited to go and cheer on their brother.
More funny faces with Lydia ... getting ready for candy the game.

Lydia specifically requested this sweatshirt so she could store her Skittles in her pocket, the whole game she kept saying "I really LOVE candy a whole lot."

Not as good as Skittles, but Little Miss doesn't care ~ she just loves herself a snack!
Nice job setting up the play, Jack!

Awe, don't hang your head!  Baseball season is right around the corner!

Proud of you, Jack! Despite your team's record this season, you continued to learn and increase your skills!  And, you kept your aggressive ball playing in check (while still managing to have many of the Dads (and the Middle School football coach) talk you into playing football in the Fall) ... sigh, you're growing up too fast!

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