Monday, February 18, 2013


(Warning, this post is full of lots of photos of two sweet little girls ...)

It has been fun to watch the relationship between these two little girls change over the past three plus months.  
There are definitely good days, days where Lydia adores her little sister.  
And, there are challenging days, days where Lydia tests her little sister (and us!).  I suspect (and pray) that this is pretty typical for two little girls who are precisely 18 months and 20 days apart in age (and likely pretty typical of many sibling relationships).  
We have never had two children this close in age so there are some dynamics of this relationship which are new for us (it is definitely worth noting here that Lydia and Owen would have been 18 months and 18 days apart ... coincidence?  Nah, just a God-thing and a reminder of His sweet love for us).  
Nora is truly intrigued by her big sister and watches her so intently.  
Often, Lydia will refer to Nora as "Sister" rather than by name.  Warms my heart!  S
 So thankful for the bond that is growing between these two.
Often when I ask to take their photo together Lydia will embrace Nora or hold her hand.  Pure sweetness.  

So fun to look back at these last few months and think about how these sisters will continue to grow up together.  Every day I pray that they have a special bond and friendship that strengthens daily.  


Amy said...

Ahh! Lovin' it! There is nothing quite like having a sister. :) So glad they have each other!

The distance in age -- simply amazing!

And Lydia's face in the tree picture -- hilarious!

Nikki said...

Ooh, it's so fun to watch their blossoming relationship! And like Amy, Lydia's face in that tree picture is too awesome for words! Hysterical! :)

Kim said... should enter that tree picture in some kind of a contest. That picture is a treasure. Laughing so hard.

Adorable pictures, adorable girls;)

Leggio said...

So Sweet to see the girls just loving each other. :)