Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Golden Boy

Today is Samuel's 7th Birthday, his Golden Birthday.  Last year I described Samuel here.  Well, Samuel is Samuel, the core of his being and his personality have not changed dramatically over the past year.  He continues to bring us joy, to make us laugh and to bring us to tears.  He is persistent, persistent, persistent! 

Here is a small glimpse into our Samuel ... received a call from his teacher yesterday, nothing earth-shattering, just a report that Samuel has been losing focus (he's been a "bit" preoccupied with the excitement of it being birthday month) and that when he was supposed to be narrating a story about an owl, he wrote two words.  We are very close to Samuel's teacher (she was my 1st grade teacher and Jack's teacher) and appreciate these calls of awareness.  Oh, how we adore her.  Anyway, back to the story.  Here's my and Samuel's exchange last night regarding this topic:

Me:  "I heard that you talked about owls today."
Samuel:  "Yep"
Me:  "Did you have to write a story about owls?"
Samuel:  "Yep, but I didn't have time to finish."
Me:  "Really?  No time to finish?"
Samuel (with a twinkle in his eyes):  "Really."
Me:  "I heard you wrote two words, and that was your story."
Samuel:  "BUT, they were two really good, big words."
Me:  "Oh, that's great.  What were they?"
Samuel (with a smirk):  "The tree"
Me (with a chuckle and near eye roll):  "The tree?  Wow" 

So, there we have it ... a glimpse into life with Samuel.

Happy 7th Birthday, Sweet Samuel!  We love you!

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Nikki said...

We're so glad God made you, buddy! You are a joy to so many people! Enjoy your birthday festivities and corn dogs with your family ~ we love you!