Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Baby Little Girl! You are two already!  Oh, the joy you bring us! 
Here's what you are up to:

You are a big girl ~ while your two year appointment isn't until this next week, at your last appointment you were in the 75th percentile for height and in the 80th percentile for weight. And, you have quite the buddha belly ~ maybe it's from your fondness of "i-cream."

You are starting to talk more and more which can be a challenge in our house with the chatter of the boys.  Perhaps that is why we often hear you speaking in a higher and louder octave and saying things multiple times.  You want to be heard!  Some of your popular phrases right now ~

"Look it, look it"
"I touch it?" (You want to touch everything!  Including the moon - Daddy keeps telling you that in order to touch the moon you need to be an astronaut)
"Come!" (While patting the floor / seat next to you and then waving your pudgy fingers at us)
"Maizey No!"  (Hmmm ... must get that from me)
"Boys!!!" (You will often call Jack and Samuel Boys and then insert one of the above of your favorite phrases)
"Pa-rump-pum-pum" (Little Drummer Boy is your favorite Christmas song right now)
"No Monkeys Bed" (Said while waving your finger no)

You have been learning a few new tricks as well ~ you still use sign language for please and you are proud to march around with two (or a few more) fingers up saying "two." And, one of the most endearing to us is that you cradle your arms and say "baby" and then do sign for Jesus and say "Jesus." Oh, how precious and sweet.
 You LOVE your baby dolls and your new stroller is fabulous! You are also loving your little high chair / seat that you got for your babies.  And, the Christmas tree, oh the Christmas tree.  It is amazing to look at the Christmas tree and decorations through the awe and wonder that you are exhibiting.  Now, if only you would stop taking the ornaments off the tree, little lady!

We are still in awe that God would bless us with you, sweet little one.
You and Samuel celebrating your birthdays last weekend.

 Happy 2nd Birthday, Liddybug!  We love you so very much!

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Nikki said...

So thankful God made you, Liddybug! You are a joy and a delight to so many ~ including us! We love you ~ Happy Birthday! XOXO