Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

After much anticipation and what felt like a countdown that was taking forever, it's here - Samuel's 6th birthday.  The countdown dragging on forever?  That's from Samuel's perspective.  From our perspective it seems we were just bringing this little blondie home from the hospital.  Each day leading up to today, Samuel's 6th birthday, has seemed to slip by so quickly.  This boy has brought us such joy and laughter ...
Samuel has a big personality.  He is so decisive, always knows exactly what he wants.  His smile fills up his face as he smiles through his eyes.  Samuel is strong willed, persistent and what many would describe as quite stubborn at times.  Samuel loves to cuddle, and he loves to push our buttons ... sometimes at the same time.  Samuel is shy but only at first.  He is a night owl and prefers to sleep late in the morning.  Samuel is a great little brother to Jack, and he is learning to be a great big brother to Lydia (oh, he loves her, but did I mention he likes to push our buttons?  And, hers?).  Samuel is a work in progress.  Aren't we all?  

We are so blessed by this special little man!  Happy Birthday, Samuel!!!  We love you and thank God for you! 


Nikki said...

Celebrating and thanking God for the gift of you, big guy! Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! Thomas thinks that countdowns to birthdays take forever too! But Mommies and Daddies know much different!

The thing I always remember when I think of Samuel is how he interacts with babies -- so sweet.

He is a brave boy! I can't get any of ours to ride the horse at Texas Roadhouse! (Is that where he is?) Only Katie wanted to but my biggest boy didn't want her to for some reason. :)-

Have a wonderful celebration!