Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Tradition

A Thanksgiving Week tradition for us is to take the three days before Thanksgiving and head to a waterpark resort in the "Water Capital of the World" (go ahead, google it, it really is Wisconsin Dells!).  We started this tradition eight years ago when Jack was just one, and we have gone for six of the eight last years - only taking a year off when I was pregnant with Samuel in 2004 and with Lydia just last year.  After a year off, it was very clear that the boys have gotten a lot more independent and "brave." 

It seems we have the most pictures of Lydia, followed by Samuel and then Jack.  You see, Jack was often off with his cousin doing nine year old boy stuff.  Nine year old boys can be hard to relate to at times, right Rita?  How blessed we are to be able to do this with Jon and Rita and their family!  I love that that Jack and Samuel enjoy and look forward to hanging out with their cousins!  And, to just listen to the conversations amongst them ... it makes me giggle.  We'll just leave it at that!

May your Thanksgiving and
Christmas Season be blessed!

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Amy said...

Such a fun tradition!

Lydia looks simply adorable! I love her floral swimsuit!