Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Four Years

While I have done a good job of neglecting this dear blog of mine, today is a day that cannot go by without a few words of rememberance.  Four years ago today we received news that would forever change us.  Four years ago we became all too familiar with a diagnosis of "incompatible with life."  Four years ago, we walked in a state of disbelief, a state of sadness. 

Yes, we continue to mourn and miss Owen.  And, yes, moments continue to be bittersweet (read here for more thoughts on this anniversary).  But, we have learned to live through the here and now.  And, we have learned to lean on and lean into our Father.  We have learned so much over these four years.

Owen, you are forever in our hearts ... we love you ... we miss you ... we have been blessed through you, sweet little one.  We will never take for granted the time you were given to us here.


Nikki said...

My thoughts have been ever with you as this day drew near, knowing it's a mix of emotions, yet knowing, too, that your hearts are firmly planted in Jesus. Seeing the ways He's ministered to and through you over these years has strengthened our faith and bolstered our hearts. We love you guys and remember with you. XOXO

Amy said...

As always Men's Camp is a reminder for me of Owen's diagnosis. I can't believe it has been four years ago as when I ponder those days at times it still feels fresh. But then I look at Seth and I see how time has passed.

As I sit and feed Simon I often read blogs and I have been "catching" up on one you have on your sidebar -- The Macs and am going through from the beginning. What she expresses --both the pain and the joy reminds me so much of you and has caused me to wonder if you still have hard days.

Now if only I'd ever get to actually "talk" to you!

Love you and so thankful for your family!


Christina said...

This is beautiful! You are truly a living witness of God's strength and love. Can't imagine what you had to go through...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to check your blog tonight as I often do to catch a glimpse of your latest news, of course not remembering what today's date meant. As always, I'm speechless when I think of the loss you've all gone through and continue to go through with Owen's absence. I also though continue to be in awe of how lucky Owen was to have you chosen to care for him during his short time with us - I truly don't know more loving, caring parents. Love to both of you today. -Christine