Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Isn't it crazy how quickly our perspective can change?  I see Jack as a little boy quickly growing into a little man.  Being our oldest and seeing that he is in 3rd grade, nearly the oldest at the elementary school, makes him the "big kid on campus" at home and at school.  This past weekend, however, I got a different perspective.  Jack's 3rd grade class formed a children's choir for the high school's choral and band "Sounds of the Season" concert (originally scheduled for December but rescheduled to this past weekend due to the blizzard we had in December). 

Jack's class sang one song by themselves and two songs with the high schoolers.  Sigh ... standing up there with all of the high schoolers gave a whole new perspective ... a perspective of innocence and youth.  Jack and his friends looked so small in comparison to the high schoolers.  And, of course, this emotional mama had a wandering mind and heart, thinking forward to how soon it will be that Jack will be a teenager, how quickly it will be upon us when we are cheering him on in high school activities (and are also faced with greater than pint-sized challenges).  I am doing what I can to grasp these moments and cherish each of them, storing them in my heart.

Video clip of the song the children's choir sang - "Snow is Falling Still"
(video taken by a friend whose daughter is the cute blond girl that is on the riser above Jack)
Please pause music at bottom of page to watch video

Jack and Some of His Buddies

The grand finale, "O Come All Ye Faithful", was amazing with the high school band, the high school choirs and the 3rd grade children's choir coming together - quite a group!

Admittedly, and certainly not a surprise, being in a public school system has its challenges, but we are so blessed by this community, by the opportunities our children have, and by the incredible teaching staff.

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