Saturday, January 8, 2011


In Jason's family, it seems that the babies come by 2, not twins but counterpart cousins.  Thus, each of our children has a cousin about the same age as them.  And, we all live within 20 minutes or so of each other.  How great is that?

This morning, Jack and his cousin happened to have a basketball game against each other.  Unknowingly, their respective coaches even matched them up so that they were guarding each other.  These boys have similar characteristics and personalities.  Admittedly, I've said it before, and maybe it goes without saying, but there's just some things about nine year old boys that I don't understand.  Jack and Ethan are only 12 days apart in age and are good buds.  And, they played a great game against each other this morning with great sportsmanship!
I needed to take a picture of Samuel and his counterpart cousin as well.  Isn't she sweet?  Ellison has such a fun personality.  Often times, when she and Samuel are together you will find them immersed in 6 year old humor and holding hands!  Samuel and his counterpart cousin are the furthest apart with 33 days separating them.
By the way, check out Ellison's sweet "RaggieMuffin" in her hair!  If you are in the mood for some Etsy shopping, check out Ellisons here.  Lots of new stuff added, and I must admit I've picked up a few things for myself - maybe I'll be as trendy as little miss Lydia one day (is it bad when your one-year old is trendier than you?).  And, if you "like" Ellisons on facebook you can get a coupon good for 11% off of your purchase - who doesn't love a good deal?  Or, if you just leave me a comment requesting the code or send me an e-mail, I will send you the code for the discount!  Fun stuff!

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