Friday, September 18, 2009

Praise You in the Storm

Do you ever feel that God is calling you to do something, something that maybe you do not want to do or are not comfortable with? But, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you know it's what He wants? Over the summer we were asked to share our story (really Owen's story and His story) at a Sunday evening service. Before we knew it the day was here (this past Sunday). We are not public speakers by any means so to go before a crowd and let our honest emotions out was a bit nerve racking, but we knew that God has been calling us to do this. And, this was not to be about us, this was to be about how He has been working in our lives. It was a time to admit that we had times when we felt bitter, times when we questioned why and still do. A time to also reflect that despite our loss, we have gained so much, so much to be grateful for and humbled by.

It seems when life moves on as normal, we get into a comfortable relationship with Christ, but when life throws you a curve ball like this we have two choices, we can run to God or run from God. During our experience and in our sorrow, we ran to Him and our relationship with Him grew. We had and have hope, we could cry out to Him and know that He has a purpose in this, we don’t know what that purpose is and we may not ever understand, but we can cling to the hope that we have in Him. Through it all, we know that we have a God who saves, we have hope and we will continue to praise Him, He who gives and takes away. We will praise Him, even in the storms of life.

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elizabeth said...

AWESOME!!! You continue to inspire me!

Paulette said...

What a sweet video! I was really sorry to learn that I had missed your testimony last Sunday (was just getting back from Ladies Retreat---we want YOU there next year! :) Anyway, do you have your testimony on your computer that you could send it to me? I would really love to read it....
You have all come through very deep waters, but God is faithful and He has brought you through and will continue to be by your side. I know He will use you to bring comfort and hope to others with your testimony. He is always by our side---He is always faithful.

On another note -- your puppy sure is a cutie!! We just got a puppy in May--ton of work, ton of fun!!

Amy said...

As I popped over to visit your blog I was thinking that if you hadn't done a new post I'd suggest blogging about this past Sunday night and low and behold -- you did!

I was SO encouraged by the two of you sharing with so many the ups and downs of this past year+ and how honest and open you were. God is using you. I love to see how He has worked in your family and I couldn't stop crying just thinking about that fact alone. (Noah kept whispering -- can you EVER stop crying?)

I'm glad we were able to be there and hear your testimony!

Love you guys!

Renee said...

I would have loved to hear your story. I'm sure it was amazing! I'm glad to hear you and Jason decided to share your story. You two are an amazing couple!

Thank you for who you are and all the wisdom and love you give.


Michelle said...

Hey Heather,
As you guys shared that Sunday night my heart was so touched. A song came to mind, "When the Tears Fall" by the Newsboys... I think it's off their Devotion cd. I've listened to it often at certain points in my life; it's brought me encouragement. It reminds me that He was, is and will always be our Savior and our Healer. Thanks for giving Him the praise publically that Sunday night. And thank you for sharing about the awesome victory that comes when you surrender your hurts to God and cry out for His help. Praying for you and your family.
Love, Michelle Kautzer