Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only 90 Shopping Days Left

Okay, that actually sounds like quite a bit. But, we've already established that I am a planner. That said, this year is certainly going to challenge me. I'm going to try to stay laid back when I think of all that I normally try to do this time of year and during the Christmas season (okay, to all of my real-life friends out there - stop laughing, I know you're wondering if it's really possible for me to be laid back ... I'm wondering too). I'm trying to convince myself that with Jack's upcoming birthday, then Thanksgiving, and then Samuel's birthday, not to mention all of the fun Autumn and Holiday festivities in between, that I do not have to go overboard this year with preparations. I'm trying to convince myself that I do not have to make an assortment of Christmas cookies, that the boys and I do not have to top last year's Christmas ornaments, that my gifts do not have to be wrapped with real ribbon (I nearly choked typing that one!).

I typically do start Christmas shopping early, but this year I am trying to be especially diligent in planning and shopping for gifts since we do not know exactly when this little one might make his / her entrance into this world. I'm trying to accept that I will need to change my routine this year to accommodate my growing belly.

I love shopping for fun, unique gifts for others. Of course I am still guilty of picking up gift cards. But to find that something special for someone makes my heart sing. I have a feeling that this year I will be doing more internet shopping, one place that I will do a little shopping is on etsy - specifically on my friend Elizabeth's site (Sew What Designs). Elizabeth is so creative. I just adore these tea towels that she makes (family and friends that I typically shop for, don't be surprised if any of these show up in your gifts this year). And, wouldn't these make the cutest teacher gifts? Have you been to etsy? Oh, it's a dangerous place to browse! I happened to stumble upon monogrammed bloomers one of the last times I was out there ~ oh, we're in so much trouble if this is a girl!!! Okay, I digress.

Here is a set of tea towels that I have that Elizabeth made.

Yes, this Autumn and Christmas I am going to have to let go of my Martha tendencies (another near choking incident just to type that). In the end though, a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby will, of course, be one of our greatest blessings. And, we must remember why it is that we celebrate Christmas in the first place ...


Amy said...

You CAN do it! You can be laid back! Maybe with this little one's arrival at the time you would not plan in your own time frame, God is giving you a reason or more like forcing you to have to take it easy.

After we had Luke and Jonah that is what happened to me. I wasn't quite to your extent but I have become more laid back with each child because I have to be or I'd go insane. I no longer need to have my markers in rainbow order, I'm just happy to have them put away. I no longer care if the cut-out cookies look just so, I am happy if I have the chance to make them. And so on...

Ask your children what they remember most about their birthday or another holiday from last year. Whatever it is, make that the priority for this year. Years from now they won't think back and say, "That was the year when Mommy only made one batch of Christmas cookies!" :)-

I'm so thankful for your creativity and planning! I'll be praying that you can accomplish what NEEDS to be done and enjoy those around you and the memories you will make together this season.

Love you!

Midwest Mama said...

I could never imagine a Christmas without kids around...they have a way of easily reminding me of what it is all really about and I love the "magic" they bring to the season (childlike wonder and excitement)...

This past Christmas, when we didn't pull out a single decoration and didn't even have a real tree was just as memorable as any other one...I need to remind myself of that in the years to come. It was so much more laid back and we ALL benefited from it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just don't know about not wrapping with real ribbon! That just might not be right. Just kidding! I know you'll do what you have to do and it will be beautiful just the same. Your new little gift that's coming will be the best this Christmas anyway.

Aunt Carol

Renee said...

I know you can do it Heather! :)

I'm sure whatever "little" you do this year, it will still be amazing!