Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines a la Pinterest

Ah, good 'ole Pinterest ... never fails to suck precious moments from my day IF I let myself get absorbed, but in great Pinterest fashion it did not fail to deliver on some fun Valentine ideas for the kids' exchanges.

We did the same for both Samuel and Lydia's class (Samuel's exchange is tomorrow, and Lydia's was today).  Samuel wrote his name on his, and Jack graciously wrote out the all of Samuel's classmates' names (I think that Jack is secretly missing the days when he got to do classroom parties). 

Lydia just learned to write her name and did some of hers.  And, Nora helped sort ... and stack ... and sort ... and order the Starburst. 

It was fun to see what Lydia brought home from her exchange today ... and so obvious that there are a few other children in her class that may have Pinterest obsessed Moms.

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Renee said...

Sam and Lydia's valentines turned out cute! Gotta love Pintrest!