Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Reasons Why We Love the Seattle Seahawks

Okay, so here it is, six reasons why we love the Seattle Seahawks:

#6 - Navy blue and lime green are quite a nice color combo

#5 - Russell Wilson's ties to Wisconsin (Go Badgers!)

#4 - Russell Wilson's athletic ability (and his ties to baseball, MVP of the Super Bowl going to Spring Training ... that's impressive)

#3 - The Seahawks in the Super Bowl gave us an excuse to make these brownies!

#2 - Our family on Whidbey Island (a ferry "drive" from Seattle)

And, #1 - My Grandma looks pretty sweet in a Seahawks jersey!  Love you, Grandma!  Lookin' Good!


Nikki said...

#6. Hilarious. My first comment (from, admittedly, a non-football fan): "I like their uniforms! Great color combo!"

Renee said...

Brooklyn and I were cheering for the Seahawks too, simply because we loved the team colors!