Sunday, May 12, 2013

White Ruffle Leggings ... For Real {Nora's Dedication}

The girls debuted their white ruffle leggings today for Nora's Dedication and Mother's Day.  It was a wonderful day but also a hard day.  For the past five years, as we approached Owen's birth and as we near his birthday, Mother's Day is a reminder of the piece of our hearts that is missing.  As we near Owen's 5th birthday I cannot help but wonder how our lives would be different had we not lost Owen.  That said, I am very aware of the blessings we have been given ~ four healthy LilyKids here with us.  Beautiful.

Today Nora was dedicated by our sweet Pastor friend.  Unfortunately, we have no photos of the actual dedication as corralling four kiddos into church this morning and then remembering to ask a family member to take a photo was apparently too much for this aging mama.
But, I did get a few photos of the kiddos afterward and of Little Miss who enjoyed her first cake ... A LOT!

Praying that we can bring this girl up to grow in the Truth.
P.S.  For those who have inquired, the multi-leggings were from HERE.  Would love for our friends down south to have some too!!!


Leggio said...

Heather I can't imagine the pain in your heart for your sweet precious Owen. Praying for peace in this time friend. So neat to see Nora being dedicated such a sweet time. I hope u had a good Mother's Day. Oh and thanks for the ruffles scoop. :)

Elizabeth said...

You are the BEST mom! I hope you had a great day and got to take a moment to just enjoy the giggles and smiles! I know i jus saw you but I miss you already!