Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sounds like a plan ...

Jason and the boys are out of town this weekend leaving me with the girls (which, can I just say is still a bit surreal ... feeling incredibly blessed with the way He created our family). 

We started the day by picking up Grandma Goose (this is how Lydia affectionately refers to my Mom) and headed to the Hallow (LOVE this art) for teacher gifts (gulp, cannot believe it's nearly the end of another school year for the boys). 

Afterwards, Lydia had a plan (this past week or so she has often been heard stating "okay, it's a plan" ... a glimpse into one of her characteristics that is a mold of mine ... oh, how I appreciate being planful).  Lydia's plan included a donut for her and a cookie for Nora, courtesy of Grandma, at a small town bakery. 
After a few other stops, we had lunch (and, um, admittedly I was not prepared and had not been planful which is totally out of character ... had not packed anything for Little Miss so she was forced to eat fries for lunch ... she did not protest).
Then it was back to Grandma's for a quick visit with Grandpa and then home in time to play outside a bit before naps ("naps" is used loosely here ... only one little girl took a very brief nap).

So thankful for these days and time with my girls and my mum.

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Leggio said...

Doesn't it feel good to find that new normal somewhat. It took us about 6 months to get back in a groove and for Mia to start trusting and opening up. Now she is a hoot and can't imagine her not being in our family. Has it started warming up there yet!!!! You need to move back to Texas preferably The Woodlands area. LOL