Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kissing Cousins {and Siblings}

In addition to a lunch date with a friend this weekend, we celebrated Jason's parents 40th wedding anniversary with Jason's siblings and their kiddos.  I love that the kids get along with their cousins (most of the time), and I think it's safe to say that us being in China definitely grew the bond with a couple of the cousins as the kiddos spent long weekends at their house while we were away. 

Lydia's smile and the innocent joy she has is infectious, it is entertaining and joyful to see her interact with her cousins.  Samuel and Lydia also have this special bond (all of the kids are close, but Lydia adores. her. Samuel).  
Yes, Samuel, we see you!
Yes, Lydia, we see you!
Lydia loves her pretty cousin!
Awe, could they be any cuter ... or any sillier?
Love seeing Lydia "follow" everything the older kids do (well, maybe not everything ...)!
Yep, Nora was there too ... so was Jack, but he didn't make it into any photos!

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