Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Amazing Race

Today we got the privilege of being in an intense competition - an amazing race hosted by a friend and another family. While this was our first year participating, it was the 3rd year of the race. There were 9 families competing for the best time of getting through 10 clues / stations. Each family had a family theme - we were "Team Autumn Harvest."  We had these cute tees made with our Team Autumn Harvest insignia (a little pumpkin and leaves).  I must admit that I do love how they turned out (my love of Autumn and of personalization all wrapped up in one cute tee!). 

The race was held at a large park and, of course, like any good race marshalls and planners, the clues and tasks had you going all over the park, back and forth.  And, yes, it was intense - we literally were running from one station to the next.  Lydia bounced along in her stroller - what a good sport she was!

We ended up being the first family out and crazy enough, we ended up having the best time (a little awkward since we were the rookie family and all).  Our clues led us to tasks including fishing pennies out of jello with chop sticks, kicking soccer balls through hula-hoops, deciphering morse code, eating cupcakes, "bowling" basketballs down a very large and very steep hill (felt like a mountain when trying to get the balls back up it) to hit traffic cones, putting together puzzles, throwing a frisbee, untangling Christmas lights, and finding objects in a box without being able to see them.  The last task was answering questions about each of the nine tasks already completed - oh boy!  Some of the nine questions we remembered the detail they were asking for.  The others?  We had to race back to those stations and get the answer.  Each task required us to work together and stay together as a family, and each family member had to participate in all of the activities.  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of us completing the tasks as we were too focused on being competitive!!!

Renee (and Michelle), thank you for inviting us, and thank you for all of the planning and coordination you do to make the race amazing!!  We had a blast!!


Jill Funkhouser said...

that sounds fun. IKk would love to go that with you guys next time you do. Thanks for sharing!

Paulette said...

Sounds like a fun time!! (We love that show---pretty funny last night!) If I ever need to be on a team---I want to be on yours! :) I don't think I'm competitive enough.... Great pics of your team! Must have been a great afternoon~

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like so much fun!!! What a great idea. Now, that is what our family olympics should be like. :)-

Love the t-shirts! Where did you have them done?

~ Amy

Nikki said...

The rookies take it all! Woo-hoo! Looks like a total blast!