Friday, October 23, 2009

Until the Whole World Hears

What do you suppose Jack is doing here? How about here?

Does this help?

Give up? Jack is absorbing a night of worship. He's rockin'. He's belting out lyrics. He's taking it all in at the Matt Redman and Casting Crowns concert last night - part of his birthday present. It was an amazing night of worship, of praise and of music. It was also a night of reflection on our inadequacies, on our sinful tendencies ... but, it was also a reminder of the eternal hope we have in our Savior.

Having seen Casting Crowns perform last year, I found myself not only drawn into their message, but I was also enjoying Jack's reaction. It was also moving as we remembered Owen. As I've mentioned before "Praise You in This Storm" resonates in our hearts and to hear Matt Redman start it out and then Casting Crowns take it over was amazing … emotional and amazing. "Blessed be your name" is another song of worship that we sang at Owen's Celebration of Life service - He gives and takes away. To hear Matt Redman sing this live was also moving.

One of Jack's favorite moments was Casting Crowns getting everyone on their feet for "What if His People Prayed."
Here's to you Jack, our little Casting Crowns groupie!

Please remember to pause the music at the bottom.
We will not stop singing His praises … we will not stop praising Him … we will not stop worshiping Him … we will not stop ... until the whole world hears!


Nikki said...

So glad we could share that amazing night of worship together...apart. :) Standing there, singing "Praise You In the Storm," my mind so quickly went to you. I was reminded of God's grace and faithfulness, even in those moments of life that hurt the most. My heart spilled forth with praise and adoration to our great God ~ and with thanksgiving for you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was an amazing evening! Wish I had been there.... :) Paulette

Amy said...

What a great birthday present for Jack! Glad you had such a wonderful time together. I have heard from quite a few people who went and said what an amazing concert it was.