Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five! {Celebrating Lydia}

Our girl turned five today.  Five!  What a joy Lydia is (and strong-willed and what some might describe as quite stubborn as well ... all traits which will make her a strong leader I believe!).  This girl has a special place in the hearts of many.  
Like Samuel, Lydia also plays her birth order well - she fits the molds of little sister and big sister well.  She knows how to work her charm on the boys, and she also dotes on Nora (often giving in a little too easily when Nora "needs" something).

On this day I like to reflect back to December 18th, 2009 - it is still with great surprise that I recall the emotions when my doctor proudly and with much emotion himself, announced that we had a baby girl.  And, as I do every year, I must insert the caveat that we love our boys fiercely as well.  It was the surprise of a daughter that was (and remains to be) quite extraordinary.
To our girl, Happy Birthday, we love you more than you can imagine.  XO

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Leggio said...

Happy birthday Lydia!!!!! Love those traits in her. She may be your little missionary. Merry Christmas.