Monday, October 20, 2014

Officially a teen ...

Life is beautiful, I have a teen and yet I'm certain I'm not aging one bit (haha).  Today Jack turns 13 ... what?!?!?  To make matters worse, in a normal conversation this week with Samuel, Jack casually mentions that in "just three years" when he is driving ... hard to digest the reality of this!  But, for now, I'll try to stay in the present as I come to grips with having a teen!

Jack is now officially staring me in the eye, I suspect that by the end of the school year I will be looking up at him.  And, the kid fits in Jason's shoes, won't be long and Jason will be getting Jack's hand-me-down shoes!
Jack continues to be social, enjoying time with his buddies (ahem, albeit a bit too much at times during school), and he thrives on being in sports and being a part of a team. 

He just finished football (another undefeated season, these boys are going to be fun to watch in high school ... you know, when they are also driving ... sigh), and basketball practice starts tomorrow (the boys are not quite as strong on the court as they are on the field - which I appreciate as we need to keep some humility in these boys).  
And, of course, Jack loves baseball and will pick that up again with a few indoor clinics in early spring.
Jack plays the role of big brother well (most of the time anyway).  This is such an interesting age to watch and parent - the age of the in between, no longer a boy but not quite a man. 

Jack, Happy 13th Birthday!  You are a gift and we thank God for you every day!  XO

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather for sharing, you bring joy to our family with your blog.
Love Rendy & Sue