Sunday, May 11, 2014

'O Christmas Tree

In 2006 we started a tradition of saving our Christmas tree and taking it to a nearby state park in the spring to be used for a family campfire / hot dog roast. 
I wrote a bit more about it here.  Well, the past few years we have cheated a bit - we have still used our tree for campfires, but we've done it in our backyard in a portable fire pit.
We found ourselves reinstating our original tradition this year (last weekend), and we all had a blast.  It is getting more and more challenging to find family activities and outings that a 2 year old up to a 12 year old can embrace.  Burning the Christmas tree, making dinner over a fire, taking a hike, and even stopping at the park's playground was a hit with everyone.
Yes, we may have let Samuel try using the axe ... oh dear ...
 Thankful for these days!

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Robyn said...

What a fun tradition!!