Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goings on around here ...

It's been fairly quiet here (on the blog that is ... not here ... because we really don't have many "quiet" moments here ... a few months ago I heard that noise is the heartbeat of the home ... our heartbeat is strong and steady ... and, while there are days that a little "peace and quiet" would be nice I know that one day we will miss it).

A lot of the noise comes from these pint-sized girls (although the boys add more than their fair share as well).
For journaling purposes, here's what we've been up to ...

Jack's baseball team has been practicing for about a month now.  He's excited to be playing!  Samuel's team will start in a few months.  So far most practices have been indoor as the fields are just not ready yet.  We are all looking forward to being at the ballpark!  Speaking of the ballpark, Jack is at the ballpark today with a buddy's family, cheering on our Milwaukee Brewers (go Brewers!).  Our family really does love us some baseball!

Samuel has been "practicing" for his school's upcoming spring concert.  It's sure to be entertaining and will capture the audience as only an elementary school spring singing concert can.

Lydia has a few weeks of preschool left at the Arts Center.  She recently had her screening for the school district and will be going to Jr. Kindergarten four half days a week starting in the fall.  Can't. Be. Possible.
Nora also has another upcoming screening coming up so that we can determine if she will just do speech in the fall at school or if she will be in their "preschool / early learning" program (likely the latter).  She "graduates" from speech with the birth to three program in July (when she turns three).  Unfortunately, Nora's current pathologist is only going to be with the program for a few more weeks so Nora will get another pathologist for the couple of months before her third birthday.  We are truly going to miss Miss Christina, the influence and relationship she has built with Nora and us has been such a blessing.

We don't do a spring break, mainly because it's hard for me to get away this time of year so we've been having fun planning a late summer road trip (nestled between the boys' baseball, camps and the start of football!).  Like Olaf would say, "let's bring back summer."  It seems we cannot go a day here without a conversation that is largely quotes / songs from Frozen ... that movie has us hooked!!

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Leggio said...

Glad you are getting warmer weather up North. :) Looks like you have been one busy mama. they grow up way to fast don't they.