Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Treasure

Yesterday was a typical fall Saturday which began with the boys having soccer games in two different places at overlapping times.  It was my turn to go to Jack's game which just happened to be in a nearby town that has a great little Farmer's Market.  Jack had a great game (his team had their best game ever, Jack with two goals and every boy on the team scored a goal ~ it was so awesome to see the boys working together towards the end and purposefully trying to ensure that they were passing to each other so that everyone would have an opportunity to score, and it was great to see that despite the big victory, there was good sportsmanship). 

Anywho, I digress. 

After the game, I bribed Jack with the promise of a treat Jack was eager to walk through the Farmer's Market with his Mama.  But, I got a little distracted by a nearby "General Store" that drew me in.

Let me give you a little background, a few weeks ago as I was going through Lydia's outgrown clothes to pull some out for Nora (yes, a nesting phase), it dawned on me that we would need something to put Nora's clothes in.  The boys share a room, and the girls will share a room.  The closets in their rooms are not big (and the boys have one of their dressers in their closet, and the girls have a bookshelf in theirs with a bit of room for hanging sweet little dresses).  Lydia's clothes are in a changing table / dresser that my brother graciously made when I was pregnant with Jack.  Phew, maybe too much background ...

So, in the past few weeks Jason and I have gone to a few local antique barns and found some dressers that could be cleaned up with a little TLC and made into the shabby chic vision I had.  But, we had sticker shock (not to mention the time investment that would be needed to turn my vision into reality).  So, we also went to furniture stores, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc., but everything seemed so pricey and not well-made.  I was coming to accept that Nora's clothes might just be in a Rubbermaid for a while.

Until Saturday ... and our find at the "General Store" ... love. 
And, the price was less than many of the put-it-together plyboard dressers at the retail chains, and I negotiated a little.  Just because I could.  Seriously.  I'm kind of embarrassed to even say how much we paid for it ...

An amazing lesson for Jack as well, showing him how God provides, often when we least expect it.


Kim said...

It's beautiful! and totally look like it should belong to a a Nora Jane;)

Amy said...

Oh Wow! I love it! We were just talking about the whole dresser thing. Good reminder that God cares even about the seemingly insignificant things.

Where is this place you found it?