Thursday, March 1, 2012

Laura Ingalls Wilder Day

Last week at school Jack had a Laura Ingalls Wilder Day where the kids dressed in costume.  They spent the day making candles, dancing, tin punching, making treats, sewing, etc.  It happened to be the same day that Jason volunteers in Samuel's classroom.  So, he spent the morning in Samuel's classroom and the afternoon with Jack's class.  Such a good Daddy ...
 Jack, do you think the boys wore Nike baseball socks in LIW days?

 Jason and Jack Candle Dipping

And, this little lady? 
When Jason volunteers at school, Lydia hangs out with "Gamma" Goose ~ these two get a little lot crazy together.  Jason does appreciate coming home on these days and finding that Gamma has fixed Lydia's hair (Jason will be the first to admit that he still hasn't quite conquered the little rubberbands and getting her hair into piggies).

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Nikki said...

As a Laura-wannabe myself, I'm lovin' the pics! Looks like a grand day for all! XO