Saturday, February 11, 2012


It is with wonder that I look at Jack, Samuel and Lydia and think how similar they are and yet how different as well.  We had an event at school this past week where, on the spot, Samuel volunteered to go on stage and tell a joke.  Jack would never do that.  In fact, Jack was embarrassed that even Samuel went up there.

I didn't get a photo of Samuel actually telling his joke as I was on the edge of the bleacher, waiting with baited breath to see what joke Samuel was going to even tell. 

In case you were wondering, here is the joke he told:

   What is a horse's favorite drink?

And, he did great!!!!  Way to go, Samuel!!!! 

And, even though Jack was initially embarrassed, he was looking rather proud when even Jack's friends were coming up and telling Samuel that they liked his joke!

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