Friday, May 13, 2011

China Girl** Update

We've been getting questions on the status of the adoption process, so here it is.  Our dossier has been in China for nearly two years. The current wait time for "healthy" little girls under the age of two is approximately five years.  Yes, five years.  Unfortunately, the wait time does not seem to be getting any shorter.  However, we do know that in mid-2007 the requirements for adoption through China changed, becoming more stringent.  Perhaps once the China government gets to mid-2007 dossiers the wait time will start getting shorter? 

We continue to be in the pipeline to review referrals of special needs children as well.  We have, however, requested that any referral we review is of a little one younger than Lydia as we would prefer not to break birth order.  For now, we are content with the waiting.  But, I do know that as the months and perhaps years tick away, we will become anxious.  We often wonder when we will get to meet our little girl - how old will the kids be when China Girl officially becomes a part of our family?  We know that we will need to lean on God for strength and patience as we continue the journey.
We often talk about what life will be like when China Girl is here - how will our family dynamic change?  We keep little reminders here and there to remind us of our future daughter.  One of our reminders is this little kimono dress from China that Lydia is sporting (one day China Girl will wear this - perhaps it will flow a little better on her as Lydia's generous belly stops a bit of the flow - ha ha).  
**For anyone new to my blog, please know that we refer to our daughter as China Girl in a loving and affectionate way.  When we began the adoption process, this was how these guys could understand describing their one day sister.


Paulette said...

Glad to hear an update on your little China Girl. Had to laugh over the "generous belly" comment! That's one cute belly! God already knows when your China girl will come join your family! It will be exciting!

Nichole said...

Yep, the belly comment made me chuckle as well!
But I just loved watching her walk into the service with you on Sunday...her tiny little hand in yours. I can't wait until that someday when I see her walking into church with China Girl's tiny little hand holding onto hers!