Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Dedication

Mother's Day weekend was very special. On Sunday, Lydia was dedicated. Nearly two years ago we were also dedicating Owen, but the circumstances were so different. We were dedicating him at the hospital, not in church. It was just Jason and I and one of our dear Pastors. At the time of Owen's dedication he was already in the Lord's hands, only his earthly body remained with us. How blessed we were to be able to stand in church with Lydia on Mother's Day and commit to each other and loved ones that we will bring up Lydia intentionally.

Admittedly, after losing Owen, there is still a question I wrestle with - do I fully trust God with the lives of our children or do I only partially trust him or trust him as long as he promises to keep them safe?

Another mom I "know" (in the web world), said it so well - "why do we as parents try to hang on when we know that our children are much better off in the Lord's hands than in our own? Why do we have a hard time trusting when we know our Heavenly Father loves us deeply and passionately?" It's not easy, is it? I'm still learning, still learning that God's plan is so much bigger than ours. Remember Angie?  In her recently released book, "I Will Carry You," she speaks to clinging to our children, but the more we do that, we more we may realize that they are not ours.  We need to leave them in the hands of the One who created them.

So, to stand on that stage and publicly dedicate Lydia's life to the Lord, we will choose to fully trust God and pray that Lydia will do the same as she grows up.
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"Bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."  Ephesians 6:4


Anonymous said...

When it was time to send Laura off to college, I struggled with putting her in God's hands---like if I was in control it would be better ---- like I really had any control at all!! ("Being in control" is really just an illusion, anyway!! :) When we came home from dropping her off, I realized I wanted to trust that she was in God's hands, and was SO thankful I could give her up to Him. I went from reluctance to great gratitude. God is faithful, and He's kind and He's good. Nothing can touch our children, outside of His will....and if He does allow something, He has a purpose and a plan. (His ways are higher than our ways, etc....)We need to lift them up to Him with open hands---they really are His, anyway. I'm not saying it's easy, but.......we have greater peace when we choose to trust Him. Thanks for sharing what you did~

manymasons said...

I think it is a hard thing for us, certainly as Moms with our nurturing spirit that want to hold onto every minute, to really trust that God knows what is best for our children. I am so thankful that He does but often hard to rest in that and loosen my grip.

Love the pictures! Are you doing digital scrapbooking now? That cake is - wow! Is it fondant? Where did you get the t-shirts with initials? I know etsy so be specific please. :)

Much Love!