Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Tradition

Yesterday marked the end to our planned Christmas celebrations as we celebrated with Jason's parents and siblings.  This Christmas was a little "different" for all of us.  We celebrated two weeks early with my family instead of our tradtional Christmas Eve get-together.  So, Jason and the boys went to Christmas Eve service and then to Jason's grandparents house.  And, after a morning of fun and tradition at our house on Christmas Day the guys headed over to Jason's parent's house. 

During these times, Lydia and I hung out at home.  And, while my heart was missing our traditional festivities, I was also moved many times gazing at Lydia ... I am in awe of God's mercy and grace ... I am in awe that He would choose us to raise this little peanut.  And, my thoughts often turned to that stable and manger as I wonder how Mary must have felt as she gazed into that precious little face of Jesus.  We know that she "treasured up all of these things in her heart" ~ what a wonderful thing and also what I am trying to do as I adjust to things being "different" this year. 

And, although yesterday we had our last planned Christmas celebration, how blessed are we to know in our hearts that our celebration of Jesus' birth and all that He has given us is to be celebrated year-round.  May you also celebrate the Gift of Christmas in your hearts year-round.

Merry Christmas, year-round, from our family to yours.

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Amy said...

Jason and I briefly talked about that Christmas Eve -- how the celebrations pass so quickly but we really need to be celebrating all year rather than feeling we need to cram it all in in one month.

Praying for you as you adjust to life with a baby. I know it is a very emotional time and then adding Christmas into the mix isn't easy.

I love having an infant at this time of year as it gives us a small taste of what Mary might have felt. Enjoy Lydia, your special blessing and keep treasuring up the memories.