Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boy Vs. Scooter

Helmet: Check!
Knee Pads: Check!
Elbow Pads: Check!
Mouth Guard: Ummmm ... nope!

Jack with his "broken" smile (check out his "missing" front tooth)
The Scooter Won
(What a blessing to have a wonderful dentist to "fix" this little mishap!)


Nikki said...

Oh, no! Poor guy! And I must say, I'm in complete and utter awe and admiration of your apparent calmness! Praying for our man, Jack... :)

Rita said...

The kids are all concerned! Ethan is excited to be able to check out Jack's new tooth tonight:)

On a side note...great job on the pic (the kids especially like blood on the corner of his mouth!)

Amy said...

I am always afraid this type of thing will happen around here. I am amazed that nothing major has happened with any of the boys -- at least yet. That stinks that it is his permanent tooth! How does his tooth look now that it is fixed?

Did Jack get panicked about it?

Renee said...

Poor Jack! What a way to end the summer!