Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow - Part II

Look at this little man! It’s the last day of 1st grade and as soon as that last bell rang, we knew we had a 2nd grader among us. What a year of growth it has been for Jack ~ physical, emotional, intellectual and social. It’s been a fun year and a memorable year, a year of stressing good choices, and a year that had some "interesting" moments. Should one be flattered or a little worried when their child’s 1st grade teacher comments that he may be the next Robin Williams???

Jack on His 1st Day of 1st Grade (September '08)

Jack in Action - Soccer (Fall '08 / Spring '09 Team)
Jack on His Last Day of 1st Grade (June '09)
A Last Day Filled with Fun (Field Day 2009) Jack and His Fabulous Teacher(Shhhh ... she was also my 1st grade teacher)

Silly, silly Jack, we are so proud of you!


Rita said...

Yippee to being a second grader Jack!

Amy said...

Robin Williams -- that is funny! How neat that Jack had the same teacher that you had.

The picture of field day reminds me of the family olympics. Maybe we should do the donut game again this year.

On to second grade and another year of growing...